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Lentil & vegetable cottage pie (vegetarian)Taste.com.auNow that my 9 year old daughter is a sometime chicken eating pescatarian we have had to find novel recipes to accommodate her semi-vegetarian preferences and this one really fits the bill judging by the mopped up streaks left on the plates last night….Lentil & vegetable cottage pie (vegetarian) – Taste.com.au

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Recipe-Specific Meal-Delivery Websites Part III – Huffington Post

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Huffington PostRecipe-Specific Meal-Delivery Websites Part IIIHuffington Post… of the population that wants to cook at home, but needs a little help selecting a recipe and delivering pre-portion-sized groceries. I sampled four and scored them on price, taste, ease, eco-friendliness, nutrition, and vegan-/gluten-free ……Recipe-Specific Meal-Delivery Websites Part III – Huffington Post

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Marinated portobello torta with chipotle mayonaise [Vegetarian] – Treehugger (blog)

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Treehugger (blog)Marinated portobello torta with chipotle mayonaise [Vegetarian]Treehugger (blog)The original recipe called for eggplant, but we enjoy grilling up portobello mushrooms a lot more than eggplant for sandwiches and the mushrooms marinate as easily as eggplant. So we made the switch and they turned out really great. The thing that m…Marinated portobello torta with chipotle mayonaise [Vegetarian] – Treehugger (blog)

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Heirloom tomato bruschetta sauce over pasta [Vegan] – Treehugger (blog)

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Treehugger (blog)Heirloom tomato bruschetta sauce over pasta [Vegan]Treehugger (blog)I love bruschetta, so why have I never thought to take that wonderfully garlic-y-basil-y mix and put it on top of some angelhair pasta instead of toasted bread? This recipe encourages you to do just that with a raw pasta “sauce” that celebrates the …and more&nbsp…Heirloom tomato bruschetta sauce over pasta [Vegan] – Treehugger (blog)

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Healthy Vegetarian Summer Recipes – Living Green Magazine

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Healthy Vegetarian Summer RecipesLiving Green MagazineBefore you decide that a “healthy barbecue” sounds about as fun as actually working on a holiday, check out these recipes. Our surf-and-turf options are sure to make any carnivore/pescetarian drool, and we’ve got vegetarians covered, too, with our ……Healthy Vegetarian Summer Recipes – Living Green Magazine

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Vegetarian Laksa – Taste.com.au

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Taste.com.auVegetarian LaksaTaste.com.auDisclaimer: Please note that this recipe was submitted by a member of taste.com.au. The recipe has not been tested by taste.com.au. While we do review all member recipes, we do not guarantee that the recipe is suitable for individual dietary requirements….Vegetarian Laksa – Taste.com.au

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Chocolate avocado pudding [Vegan, Raw] – Treehugger (blog)

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Treehugger (blog)Chocolate avocado pudding [Vegan, Raw]Treehugger (blog)If you love chocolate pudding, you’re going to adore this recipe for a delicious but healthier version of your favorite dessert. Creamy, rich, and bursting with sweet chocolate flavor, this pudding takes only a few minutes with a blender to put together….Chocolate avocado pudding [Vegan, Raw] – Treehugger (blog)

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